How To Survive on Planet 9 from Damon Davis on Vimeo.

How To Survive on Planet 9 is a series of short instructional videos used by an alien race to educated troops before being deployed to Earth for infiltration and invasion.

written, directed, and animated by Damon Davis

narrated by Karl Livingston

STL Maaayne

About to head that way in the AM. SP full of that goodness for the show. Always excited. Got some kinfolks up that way too. Been a min. Got me a lil snow bunny up there TOO. That lil becky. Shiiiit. 

Highway 67 cruisin mayne.  I have to buy a new headlight bulb tho. Some Ole bullshit. All good tho. Almost bust my ass today tryna stunt. Made that left turn too quick (slippity slip, its been rainin.) Hit that hoe with some of that correction sauce…I still live to ride another day. 

I G Daily. I Promise.